Does good food ever need an introduction :)?

Over 12 years ago, Chani and a friend with a shared love of baking dreamed of creating a Shavuos pop-up store that would combine their appreciation of delicious food and incredible creativity in a satisfying and lucrative manner. And what a sweet success that first collaboration was! Sold out well in advance of the chag, the two friends knew they were onto something good.

They formalized their business idea, named it “The Milky Way” and chartered a course of dairy perfection under the sunny Israeli skies. Just over a decade later, Chani now runs the business herself (with the enthusiastic assistance and support of her test-taster kids 😉) - and the result speaks for itself:

The American-style dairy delicacies offered by The Milky Way have earned an unrivaled reputation for creamy, delicious dairy goodness. 

With an ever-growing variety of cheesecakes, dairy muffins and miniatures, and delectable milchige gift packages, there’s something to suit every palate - and any occasion. Handmade using only the finest quality Badatz-certified kosher ingredients, every Milky Way product is a truly delicious work of art. And the stellar customer service that backs every order and every client interaction only enhances the wonderful package deal.

...When you want to say “I love you!” to beloved family overseas

...When you wish to share “I’m thinking of you!” sentiments with a friend

...When an occasion calls for a tangible expression of your gratitude, celebration, or joy 

The Milky Way dairy gifting boutique will help you do it in a way that is unique, memorable, and divine.

Handcrafted perfection + personalized attention: It’s The Milky Way’s signature delivery​